BirdControlBird problems can create havoc to homes and businesses alike.
Birds present various ways of spreading diseases and pests to homes or businesses that impact the health of loved ones, your pets, or customers. Everything from diseases such as Cholera and Histoplasmosis, to pests such as fleas, ticks, mites, beetles and bed bugs. And the property damage caused by bird feces can lead to destroying paint and fabric on awnings and storefronts, to eating through metal in roofing and air conditioning units. Nesting materials can create fire hazards and harbor many of the pests already mentioned.

Protect your investment with environmentally sound practices.
At Antimite, we employ non-lethal methods to keep pigeons, seagulls and swallows from nesting on your property. Antimite is an authorized installer of bird control management products, and is trained and certified in installation and treatment of various types of pest bird issues. We utilize a variety of humane and aesthetically pleasing pest control options including:

• Bird Spikes that are virtually invisible
• Bird Netting designed for eaves, awnings and warehouse spaces
• Bird Wire that prevents large birds from landing
• High Volt/Low Amp Electric Track that birds hate
• Bird Slopes that keep all birds away from ledges

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