A fairly recent development in treating homes and business with termite infestations is the use of heat. Capable of being directed into parts of a building or entire structures, heat treatment is a non-chemical alternative to traditional fumigation. This green alternative requires no moving out by the occupants or bagging of foods or medicines, and is not harmful to your pets.

At Antimite, trained professionals use a thermal heat process and tarps to heat the treatment area to a level that is letahal to the termite infestation. The first step in heat treatment is to protect areas that may be damaged by prolonged heat exposure, such as vinyl windows, electronics and pianos, with specially designed thermal blankets. Once these areas are protected, custom made tarpaulins are placed around the area to be treated.

Thermal probes are then inserted into the wood’s core in various locations to accurately measure the internal temperature of the area being treated. Specially designged forced air heaters and ducting are positioned to deliver hot air to the taped areas. For maximum results, the thermal probes are continually monitored by Antimite trained professionals to ensure the optimum time duration and temperature are achieved. During a typical treatment the air inside is heated to approximately 160 degrees for four to six hours, or until the core temperature of the largest wood beams is raised to 130 degrees for one hour.

Once complete, the home or business is cleared of tarps, ducting and probes and a final visual inspection is made. At Antimite, we pride ourselves in offering the latest scientifically proven advancements in termite treatments that the industry has to offer by highly trained and professional crews.