We understand that this is one of the most important transactions in your life. At Antimite we provide the best service for home buyers or sellers.

InformationHomeBuyersYou can trust in Antimite’s licensed professionals to accurately provide you with a termite report during the sale process of the home. For buyers especially, termite damage is rarely covered by insurance policies making the need for a professional termite inspection even more important.
We will determine the existence of termite activity or worse, infestation, and offer best-practice services for eradication and future prevention.

Typically, existing termite damage is the responsibility of the seller of the home, while prevention of future infestations are the responsibility of the buyer. The results of termite reports should not necessarily deter a home buyer from purchasing the home in question and negotiations may be entered into between both parties to arrange for treatment, repairs, or prevention methods to be made by the seller prior to sale. The seller of the home may also negotiate on price if termite damage is reported. Keep in mind that excessive existing damage may be cause to reconsider selling until the home has been treated and repaired.

Depending upon the degree of infestation there are several options from fumigation or low-impact programs such as heat treatment of the entire home for drywood termites, to local or spot treatments if only small areas are affected. We also provide effective treatments for subterranean termites with drilling into the foundation and soil surrounding the home. Antimite professionals will also help identify any conditions around the home that invite termites and should be fixed.

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