Since 1941, Antimite Termite and Pest Management has been serving Southern California, from Ventura to San Diego and from Los Angeles to the Inland Empire. We have been family owned and operated since day one and instill our core values into every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves on being a part of the communities we serve while maintaining the corporate stature that homeowners and businesses alike have relied on for decades.

Antimite trained professionals, not sub-contractors, deliver our home pest management services to ensure the highest quality product we can offer and directly manage the work to your home in a professional and dependable manner. We have a very stringent review process of the treatments used in the field, and strive to bring the most practical methods of pest management available in the industry today while keeping our environmental impact in mind.

At Antimite, we have the upmost respect for our customer’s homes and after every visit the home is left just as we found it. A thorough inspection is performed at every service to identify trouble spots and obstacles that can provide pests harborage areas. If necessary during our visit we also web stick your 1st story eves to eliminate those pesky and unsightly cobwebs before treatment. A friendly note is left on your door to notify you that we have serviced your home and to let you know if there were any problem areas that were detected or resolved.

Safety is always a high priority for us at Antimite, for our employees as well as you the homeowner. Antimite utilizes a regimen of Personal Protection Equipment along with applying only the most useful pest management methods that center on the customer’s individual need. Pest Management practices vary by location and can include material application utilizing a power sprayer, backpack sprayer, a handheld sprayer or granule applicator. In addition to this we offer a wide variety of pest exclusion practices from ensuring the closure of pest entry points to employing methods that prevent birds from landing or nesting in areas of a structure.

Treatment of the home includes precise perimeter spraying around the structure’s exterior and behind shrubs or under plants, never just over-spraying the area to save time or money. The Antimite approach ensures proper application to shield the home from intrusion by pests and to prevent any application damage to your landscape. Cracks and crevasses are given special attention so that we ensure that all possible pest harborage areas are thoroughly treated.

At the end of every treatment, our materials, our technician’s Personal Protection Equipment and hoses are securely locked on our vehicles and/or stowed in secure lock-boxes specifically designed for this purpose.

When you hire Antimite, you will have the peace of mind that your home will be rid of pests and the security of a long-lasting barrier is in place actively protecting you and your family from future pest issues.